19c 부터 OCR, Voting Disk를 다시 shared file system에 저장 가능 해졌습니다.
오라클 12.2 부터 OCR, Voting Disk를 shared file system에 직접 저장하는 것이 지원되지 않았으며 ASM에만 저장 가능했었는데 19c 부터 정확히는 19.3부터 다시 Oracle Standalone Cluster에서는 shared file system에 저장이 가능해 졌다고 합니다.
아래는 해당 내용에 대한 오라클 매뉴얼 상의 내용입니다.
Starting with Oracle Grid Infrastructure 19c, the desupport for direct OCR and voting disk file placement on shared file systems is rescinded for Oracle Standalone Clusters. For Oracle Domain Services Clusters the requirement to place OCR and voting files in Oracle Automatic Storage Management (Oracle ASM) on top of files hosted on shared file systems and used as ASM disks remains.
In Oracle Grid Infrastructure 12c Release 2 (12.2), Oracle announced that it would no longer support the placement of the Oracle Grid Infrastructure Oracle Cluster Registry (OCR) and voting files directly on a shared file system. This desupport is now rescinded. Starting with Oracle Grid Infrastructure 19c (19.3), with Oracle Standalone Clusters, you can again place OCR and voting disk files directly on shared file systems.
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