Unix 시스템별 사양을 알아내는 명령

Unix 시스템별 사양을 알아내는 명령

1.       Sun Solaris

–          >prtconf —-a print system configuration

–          >psrinfo -v —a system processor information

–          >sysdef —-a output system definition

–          >dmesg —-a collect system diagnostic messages to form error log

–          >showrev  [ -a|-p ] —-a Patch 적용 정보

2.       HP V2200

–          >Sam(Performance Monitors -> System Properties)

–          >Ioscan -fun|more —a scan I/O system

–          >glance -> c  —–a cpu report

–          >glance -> m  —-a memory report

–          >mstm -> Device -> Current Device Status

3.       IBM

–          >smit ->장치

–          >lscfg

–          >lsdev

–          >bootinfo -r —a Displays amount of real memory in kilobytes.

–          >bootinfo -s —-a Disk Displays disk size in megabytes.

4.       Compaq Tru64

–          >uerf -R -r 300|more




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