Oracle Database 18C = Oracle Database


Oracle Database 18c는 실제로 “Oracle Database 12c Release 2″이며, 제품이 출시 된 연도를 반영하여 이름이 변경되었습니다.


Oracle Support Document 2285040.1  에 내용에 근거 합니다.






Lifetime Support Policy for Database Feature Releases

Most feature releases are supported for 2 years after the succeeding release becomes available on on-prem (non-Engineered System) platforms. Periodically, a release is designated as an “Extended Support Release” and is supported for 8 years. The support life of each release is documented in the Lifetime Support Policy document.


Release Version Numbering Changes

Beginning in 2018, a new numbering schema for the database software is implemented. Instead of a legacy nomenclature such as, a three (3) field format consisting of: Year.Update.Revision is used, such as 18.1.0. This allows clear indication of:

  • the feature release designation of the database software (the first field)
  • the quarterly Update (the second field)
  • the quarterly Revision (the third field)








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