Storage Management (ASM)

The Foundation for Oracle Storage Management

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Storage Management


Automatic Storage Management (ASM), a feature of the
Oracle Database, provides Oracle customers with simplified storage management
that is consistent across all server and storage platforms. With ASM, storage is
managed as a small number of storage pools called ASM Disk Groups. Database
related files are assigned to ASM Disk Groups and ASM manages the layout and
data organization ensuring optimal performance and protection from storage
hardware failure. ASM Disk Groups provide a convenient and easy means for
consolidating storage and simplifying the administrative tasks previously
required of DBAs and System Administrators. ASM provides the underlying storage
management for ASM Cluster File System (ACFS) that provides centralized storage
for data outside of the database.

Key Benefits of ASM

– Simplifies and automates storage

Increases storage utilization and agility

Delivers predictable performance, availability and scalability.

Support database failure in the event of server crash.

Integrated storage management with ACFS

Oracle RAC Family of Solutions

The Oracle RAC Family of Solutions refers to the
collection of products and features that licensed Oracle RAC or Oracle RAC One
Node customers can use free of additional charge. Each solution either enhances
or complements the core Oracle RAC offering by ensuring better high availability
and scalability or by automating and simplifying day-to-day operation. Learn
more about these valuable enhancements by following the link for each solution
in the graphic below. To learn more about Oracle ASM, follow the link on the
bottom of the page.

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