Reconfiguring the Oracle Database Appliance CPU Core Configuration


You can change the number of CPU cores that are enabled in an Oracle Database Appliance. By default,
the system is shipped from the factory with 12 cores per server enabled (24 total in the appliance). If
you wish to change the core count, please follow the steps below. Note, once you reconfigure the
system for a reduced number of cores, you can only increase the cores from that point on.


Steps to Reconfigure CPU Core Count:


1. Log into MyOracleSupport ( Click on the “Settings” tab, and choose
“Assets” from the submenu. Search for the serial number of the appliance under you assets. Select
the serial number of the appliance. If you cannot locate the serial number of the appliance in you
list of assets, please contact Oracle support.


2. Select “Manage Key…” from the available actions.

3. The Manage Core Configuration Key generation box will pop up. From this window, you can see
the serial number of the appliance, and if a key has been previously generated, you can see the
current configuration. Select from the drop down box the desired number of cores to be
configured per server. You can choose values of 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 cores initially.
Subsequently, you will only be able to choose a value equal or greater than the current
configuration. Note the value will apply to both servers in the appliance. Click “Generate Key”
to generate the core configuration key. You can then copy the key to the clipboard by selecting
“Copy Key to Clipboard.”

4. Paste the key into an empty text file and save the file to a location on the Oracle Database

5. Log into one of the servers in the Oracle Database Appliance as root.

6. Run /opt/oracle/oak/bin/oakcli apply core_configuration_key <key file location>, where <key
file location> is the location of the core configuration key saved in step 4. Before running this
command, note the command will reboot the server to complete the reconfiguration.

7. After the system restarts, the appliance will be reconfigured and both servers will be running
with the specified number of cores enabled.


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